Gifts given during the apostolic visit on Saturday

Gifts given by Pope Francis to the President of Malta and to the Shrine of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu

The medal given by Pope Francis to the President of Malta

The medal depicts the statue of St Paul in the Mdina Cathedral. At his feet, there is the viper that emerged from the fire and bit his hand without causing him any harm. On the left there is the dome of the Cathedral of Malta, beyond which is a view of the island.

To the right is the Sanctuary of Ta’ Pinu on the island of Gozo, with the prow of a boat in the foreground, commemorating St Paul’s landing in Malta together with the other prisoners who survived the shipwreck. The name and dates of the Apostolic Journey appear above, with the year below.

The Golden Rose given by Pope Francis to the National Shrine of Our Lady Ta’ Pinu, Gozo

The Golden Rose is an exclusive gift presented by the Supreme Pontiffs on the occasion of their visits to Marian shrines in accordance with an ancient practice by which Popes show their devotion to the Blessed
Virgin Mary.

The Rose is 925/°°° silver with 24 carat gold plating for the branches and the coat of arms. It consists of
a pink marble base, surmounted by a silver vase with the papal coat of arms, from which emerge the
branches with two roses in natural amber and the leaves chased in silver.

The Rose is approximately 84 cm. high and weighs 1,200gr.

Gifts given to Pope Francis by the President and Prime Minister of Malta

President Dr George Vella gave His Holiness a painting depicting St Paul with a book of the Acts of the Apostles by artist Manwel Farrugia, while Prime Minister Robert Abela gave Him a medical blood testing instrument to be used at the ‘Madre della Misericordia’ clinic. This clinic is part of the actions taken by Pope Francis to transform the Vatican City into a City of Mercy.

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