Ilkoll Aħwa

Students from all State, Church and Independent schools were invited to take part in an initiative in preparation for Pope Francis’ visit to the Maltese islands on the 2nd and 3rd April related to the theme Ilkoll Aħwa. With the help of educators, the students got to know Pope Francis better and learnt about the attitudes that Pope Francis encourages us to live together as brothers and sisters.

This was done through reflections by educators who used content and material which was adapted according to ages by Spiritual Development in Schools and Secretariat for Catholic Education.

Then the students were invited to express themselves artistically on what the theme means to them: All Brothers and Sisters – What are their hopes and dreams of living like brothers and sisters on the Maltese islands?

Children, adolescents, and young people from 60 State, Church and Independent schools submitted artistic expressions on the theme All Brothers and Sisters. Through their creativity expressed in drawings, videos, dances, collages, interviews, writings, poems, and handmade models, participants expressed their wishes and dreams of living like brothers and sisters in the Maltese islands and how they can grow in the attitudes of Pope Francis.


On Tuesday 29th March 2022 an activity was held where students from State, Church and Independent Schools participated in a dialogue and presented their work to Dr Nadia Delicata, Episcopal Delegate for Evangelisation. Archbishop Charles Scicluna who conveyed his message to the students. A collection of these expressions will be compiled in a book and then will be presented to Pope Francis by the Archbishop on behalf of the children.

Moments of music, singing and dialogue were held during this activity including a song entitled Francis with music and lyrics by Augusto Cardinale. Other experiences included that of Cecilia Massa on how they lived the sense of community at Sacred Heart College and a song about unity performed by students from Qormi primary schools of St George and St Sebestian, messages about peace from St Benedict College Birżebbuġa primary school and the choir from St Monica School in Birkikara.

During the dialoge led by Dr Delicata, students of different ages took part and discussed about how they felt when participating in this initiative, who Pope Francis is for them and what message they want Pope Francis to pass on to the Maltese and Gozitan people.

What did the students say during the dialogue?

· Pope Francis teaches us how to love Jesus and one another.

· Pope Francis is an important role model because he does a lot of good and ignores differences.

· Pope Francis is a man who accepts all the differences amongst everyone. When he arrives in Malta, he will teach us to love one another.

· He is a good example.

· A leader who loves each one of us and shows us how to follow Jesus.

· Pope Francis represents God, Our Saviour.

· He is the father of the Catholic Church, source of mercy and forgiveness. The light that shines to follow Jesus.

· A person chosen by God and by his own colleagues to guide us and helps our faith in the Lord. He does not care about our differences. He leads us in loving God and everyone.

· A person I admire very much. He is a great man. I feel closer to God.

· Dolce Cristo sul la terra. Sweet Christ on earth.

The book

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