One Family: Youth – our hope for the future

The second dialogue session of Ilkoll Aħwa is taking place on Friday 11th March with the theme chosen being ‘Youth: our hope for the future’ and will be led by Anthony Mifsud.

‘God is young!’ This affirmation by Pope Francis brings together his youthful vision. The youthful attributes of young people, he sees in God, and as a gift from God. This grounded call for hope is an attribute adults should not lose as they advance to later life stages.

The Pope puts himself in the listening to position to hear what youths have to say, and what God is saying in their experience. What is the What? Why? and How? of youth and hope. What are the obstacles to hope, in our life, our Church, our society, whatever stage we are in? “True youth means having a heart capable of loving, whereas everything that separates us from others makes the soul grow old.” (Christus Vivit, 13). True youth and true hope is the person of Jesus Christ we are called to embrace in prayer and in the culture of encounter.

The dialogue session will take place as Stella Maris Parish, Tas-Sliema at 7pm and will be streamed live on and on the Archdiocese of Malta’s Facebook page. For further information kindly contact [email protected].

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About Anthony Mifsud

Anthony Mifsud is married with two kids. He is presently a lay Chaplain at St Aloysius’ College Primary School and Coordinator of the Eucharistic Youth Movement. Over the years he has worked with different groups of young people and different projects and initiatives on a local, national/diocesan and international level. In the conviction that “listening to young people, the church will once again hear the Lord speaking in today’s world (Pope Francis)”, he is passionate about research amongst young people from all sectors. Amongst the studies in Youth Ministry one can mention those on spirituality & social networking; conversion experiences, young people and politics, as well as an ongoing study on young leaders on a European level.

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